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Society of Artistic Veterans in partnership with Aquila Theater Company funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and sponsored by Marymount Manhattan College Theater Dept. is hosting a reading and discussion group of the course of 6 sessions. The sessions are to facilitate open discussion between military Veterans and civilians in the arts, using themes and ideas inspired from the reading of selections from a classical and modern work of literature.

Classical Work:

Odyssey by Homer Stanley Lombardo translation


Modern Work:

Acts of War: Iraq and Afghanistan in Seven Plays


This is a wonderful opportunity to openly discuss themes such as coming home from war, the warrior ethos, the enemy, and war in general between civilians and military veterans in a safe and inviting environment.

6 Sessions will be held from 8-10pm Monday nights beginning February 13th – March 20th

Marymount Manhattan College Faculty Center @ 255 E. 71st in the multi-purpose room

Sessions are free for participants and open to students, faculty, and staff.

Please consider being a part of this awesome group!
Space is limited so sign-up now!




SocArtVets is currently collaborating to develop a one-week creative lab retreat that would take existing projects by veteran writer/directors in Film and TV and workshop them with industry experts. More details TBA soon.

CREATIVE Lab: Theater & stage

SocArtVets is also developing a one-week creative lab retreat to follow the workshop above that would involve veteran playwrights/directors in Theater & Stage and also workshop them with industry experts. More details TBA soon.



Collaborating with Aquila Theatre Company, SocArtVets has embarked on an exciting new development workshop that uses ancient texts to inform modern storytelling through innovative programming developed by veterans. The NYC group is led by SocArtVeteran Maurice Decaul and guided by Classics professor and founder of Aquila, Peter Meineck, as well as Aquila’s Creative Director, Desiree Sanchez. The group of 14 veterans meets weekly to discuss themes, bring in original works and create new material to be displayed and performed in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood in April 2016, with plans to also take these works outside the greater NYC area in May-June 2016. The veterans involved include writers, poets, actors, photographers, musicians and stage and set designers, and span all fours services with service ranging from the Vietnam War to the present day.

veterans week events – 2015


Produced by the United War Veterans Council and hosted by NYC along 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, the annual Veteran’s Day Parade, or “America’s Parade,” was a great opportunity for SocArtVets to introduce veterans in the arts in the official parade newspaper for the first time. SocArtVeteran Michael Castelblanco contributed several pieces by and about our members, including author Phil Klay, blogger Michael Klepfer, and graphic novelist Jess Ruliffson. Also included was information for companies looking to hire veterans and veterans seeking employment, contributed by Stand Beside Them coach Dawn McDaniel, an Army veteran who also runs her own coaching and consulting firm.


The inaugural Unity Reception, produced by Elana Duffy with sponsorship from the United War Veterans Council and hosted by the Gateway Art Center, provided veterans from each of the four services and across generations, along with friends, family and supporters to socialize and network with food, drink and entertainment. The evening included performances by Natalie Lovejoy, Brandon Caro, Stephan Wolfert and featured art by Jeremy Lock, and Dan Gorman.




Approached by writer/director and filmmaker Minos Papas, a veteran of the Cypriot army, and his Production Manager, USMC veteran Michael Day, SocArtVets was excited and honored to help develop the script and provide veterans to fill out the production team before, during and after shooting the short film “Tango on the Balcony.” The short film, which directly addresses PTSD, has been submitted to several well-known film festivals.


Society of Artistic Veterans was pleased to present the 2015 Veteran Arts Festival on Saturday, May 23, at the American Red Cross of Greater New York building at 520 W. 49th St., New York NY 10019. Veteran artists Cary Abbott, Matthew Thomas Burda, Randy Clinton, Daniel Gorman, Parker Gyokeres, Jennie Haskamp, Jeremy Lock, Bruce Ploth, Kevin Ploth, Maria Salazar, Phillip Schladweiler, and Janie Zetsch shared their artwork with a public audience from 6-10pm. The evening included performances by veterans Adrienne Brammer, Kodi Johnson, and Brandon Lanham. Honoring and celebrating those who have served and recognizing our own service, these SocArtVets demonstrated the fantastic art that veterans are creating and sharing it with a wider audience in one of our most successful events to date. While some pieces are inspired by their military experience, many of them instead explore the beauty and wonder of the world – but through a different lens. The show was been curated by SocArtVeteran Michael Castelblanco and produced with the help of Adrienne Brammer, Tyler LaMarr and Neath Williams.


The Sans-Culottes Theatre Company, led by Creative Director Christopher Rothwell, has asked Society of Artistic Veterans to sponsor the musical play “The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade” (Marat/Sade). Mr. Rothwell has reached out to numerous veterans’ support organizations, including the Borden Avenue Veterans Residence center for homeless veterans in Long Island City, Queens, NY. SocArtVeterans Neath Williams and Michael Castelblanco are working with Mr. Rothwell to produce the show, with a cast comprised entirely of veterans. Contributions for production of the play can be offered online through Sans-Culottes’ Indeigogo campaign.


Society of Artistic Veterans is proud to sponsor the upcoming production of Comfort Women: A New Musical in the summer of 2015. Written and Directed by Dimo Hyun Jun Kim. SocArtVeteran Matthew Burda is the Executive Producer and Michael Castelblanco is a Production Manager. More information can be found on their website.



In collaboration with the Aquila Theatre Company, SocArtVeteran Michael Castelblanco curated a Veteran Artist Showcase featuring twelve artists and moderated conversations between artist and audience. The day included a morning discussion of Greek warrior historical figures at the MET Museum and an evening performance of “A Female Philoctetes” at New York University. SocArtVeterans Roman Baca, Jon Bremner, Matthew Burda, Randy Clinton, Maurice Decaul, Matt DuPre, Jennie Haskamp, John Loffredo, Phillip Schladweiler and Nebojsa “Vic” Zlatanovic presented and talked about their works. Performers included SocArtVeterans Ed Walsh and Mike Thorne.


Working with the seasoned improv performer and instructor, Pat Shay, an all-veteran cast performed improv at ThePIT in New York City. Featured SocArtVeterans Justine Cabulong, Matt DuPre and Caleb Wells.


Six veterans and one veteran spouse shared their stories and recounted their journey from civilian life into the military and back again. Created by Johathan Wei and directed by Max Rayneard and Alex Mallory of the Veteran Artist Program. Featured SocArtVeterans Michael Castelblanco and Natalie Lovejoy.


SocArtVets was proud to feature short videos by filmmaker Michael Brown and introduce the non-profit organization Stand Beside Them. Attendees included SocArtVeterans, filmmakers, actors and producers. Our first SAV Social turned out to be a great success! We look forward to many more…


SocArtVets successfully launched our first Indiegogo Campaign and raised over $5000 for production costs toward an extended run of “Beyond the Deserts and Mountains,” a compilation of three plays and a musical focusing on the myriad experiences of military veterans as they serve our country. Actors brought the humor and small joys to be found in a combat zone despite the fact that their Army unit is on a deployment rotation in Iraq in the musical “Deployed,” by Natalie Lovejoy. We follow a young man who’s just decided to join the Army out of high school, reassured by a recruiter that he won’t be deployed. However, the country goes to war and his unit is mobilized soon after he joins. The audience watches as he learns what it means to be a soldier, in a combat zone no less, and explores the conflicts that arise in his personal life as a result. “Deployed” touches on themes of sacrifice, honor, and PTSD. “Bedlam,” by Neath Williams, directly addresses the issue of suicide and the moral dilemmas before, during and after the act. Through the story, the audience witnesses that the demons don’t disappear when the protagonist takes his own life, they are simply transferred to those who care about him.


Veterans Day Commercial 2013


SocArtVets has had the great fortune to produce Ms. Lovejoy’s incredible piece, Deployed: A New Musical twice.  We first produced the piece for a 2013 Veteran’s Day presentation at the Abingdon Theater, and then again at the Gene Frankel theater for a weeklong run in January 2014.  Ms. Lovejoy’s musical is an original piece that honestly represents the shared experiences of the men and women who have served in todays Armed Forces.  Ms. Lovejoy has been dedicated to creating a heartfelt and entertaining piece of theater that also positively reflects the issues of today’s military members. Ms. Lovejoy’s piece should be shared with a greater audience because of the truth behind the story it tells.  More simply put, Ms. Lovejoy got it right!  Our productions of Deployed: A New Musical sold out every performance.  Our members and supporters have continued to follow the show through social media in hopes of seeing new productions in the future.  The piece is relevant not only to military audiences but to all theatergoers.  Ms. Lovejoy has been tireless in her efforts to make the piece authentic by affiliating with our organization for casting, advising, and representation.  As an organization we would simply not association our name with a piece that did not represent our military community in a positive and truthful manner. Through her dedication to supporting the men and women who have fought for our country, Ms. Lovejoy has managed to capture our true nature in a musical.  She was able to find our voice down to our smallest nuisances that make the piece deeply moving, and earnest. 


SocArtVets worked to produce a series of plays during Veterans Week 2013 in New York City as our first major project as an organization. SocArtVets provided Stage Management, Assistant Stage Managers, a Lighting Designer and other stage crew roles, as well as many of the actors to stage three plays and one musical, performed at the Abingdon Theater. They were a great success, prompting SocArtVets to launch an indiegogo campaign to raise money for an extended run in January 2014 at the Gene Frankel Theater.