Society of Artistic Veterans




To provide education and opportunities for military veteran artists who are pursuing professional careers in the arts.










The Society of Artistic Veterans [SocArtVets] mission is to provide education and opportunities for military veteran artists who are pursuing professional careers in the arts. 

SocArtVets strives to achieve our mission by creating, promoting and producing content by veteran artists. We help produce veteran made content from within our organization as well as through partnership with other veteran service organizations, while providing military veterans the opportunity to work in a professional artistic environment. We also partner with the civilian arts community on military themed content in order to provide authenticity to specific projects that require it. We seek to inform audiences about the creative abilities, talents, and invaluable work ethic that veterans have to offer as they seek to transition into the arts.


Our Motto

Reach, Lift, Embrace With one hand we REACH for continued success in our pursuit of a career in the arts. With the other hand we LIFTup the next generation of veterans transitioning from the military into the arts. Finally with both arms we EMBRACEthe military, our civilian partners, and our great nation through our art.




Reach, Lift, Embrace



Dialogues: Athens to Afghanistan

Society of Artistic Veterans in partnership with Aquila Theater Company funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and sponsored by Marymount Manhattan College Theater Dept. is hosting a reading and discussion group of the course of 6 sessions. The sessions are to facilitate open discussion between military Veterans and civilians in the arts, using themes and ideas inspired from the reading of selections from a classical and modern work of literature.


Classical Work:

Odyssey by Homer Stanley Lombardo translation


Modern Work:

Acts of War: Iraq and Afghanistan in Seven Plays


This is a wonderful opportunity to openly discuss themes such as coming home from war, the warrior ethos, the enemy, and war in general between civilians and military veterans in a safe and inviting environment.


6 Sessions will be held from 8-10pm Monday nights beginning February 13th – March 20th

Marymount Manhattan College Faculty Center @ 255 E. 71st in the multi-purpose room

Sessions are free for participants and open to students, faculty, and staff.

Please consider being a part of this awesome group!
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